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Dr. Sekar Woelan

Senior Researcher in Plant Breeding

Pusat Penelitian Karet


  •  Research of rubber breeding and selection Crossing and selection of a good genotype to produce of latex clone   and latex-timber clone Tested of latex clone and latex-timber clone in different agroclimate.
  •  Research of rubber biotechnology Rubber Somatic Embriogenesis Identification of rubber clone trough molecular method.
  •  Instructor in rubber training as specialy rubber planting material and rubber breeding.


  1. BS

    Gadjah Mada University,Yogjakarta-Centre Java, Indonesia
  2. MS

    Sumatra Utara University, Medan-North Sumatera, Indonesia
  3. PhD

    Sumatera Utara Unioversity, Medan-North Sumatera, Indonesia

Pengalaman Kerja

  1. 1984 - August 1985
    Indonesian Institute of Sience
  2. 1985 -
    Indonesian Rubber Research Institute

Penghargaan, Asosiasi & Aktivitas

  • Penghargaan
    Latex clone BPM 107 SK Mentan No.415/kpts/SR.1 20/8/2003
  • Latex clone BPM 109 SK Mentan No.416/kpts/SR.120/8/2003
  • Latex clone IRR 104 SK Mentan No.314/kpts/SR.120/8/2005
  • Latex-timber clone IRR 112 SK Mentan No.511/kpts/SR.120/9/2007
  • Latex-timber clone IRR 118 SK Mentan No.315/kpts/SR.120/8/2005
  • Latex-timber clone IRR 220 Protection of Plant Variety Right. No : 00302/PPVT/T/2014
  • Latex-timber clone IRR 230 Protection of Plant Variety Right. No : 00303/PPVT/T/2014
  • Asosiasi
    Indonesian Breeding Associatons